Christmas EZ Cards

Christmas EZ Cards 1.0

Create your own customized greeting cards with this useful program (See all), LLC

Chrsitsmas and other greeting cards are always welcome by recipients. This program allows you to create and customize your own cards. It has a very easy-to-use interface that guides you step by step througout the process of creating a greeting card. First, you need to decide if you want to send your card by e-mail or throung snail mai (or if you want to deliver it personally). Depending on this, you can choose if you will print your resulting card or if you can create an electronic file to send it via e-mail. Then, you need to add one of the preset images that come with the program, or one of your own photos. This way, you can customize your card by using photos of your family and friends. Also, you can write a message to add to the card. You can use different fonts and text effects, thus customizing your card even more. Finally, if you chose to create a printable card, you can print it using your default printer. If you chose to have an electronic version of your card, you can save it as a .JPG file or send it directly from the program's interface, without needing to open your e-mail default program.
The installation wizard asks you to install a PC optimizer and the Babylon toolbar together with the EZ Cards program. You can decline to do so and still have the application installed in your system.

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